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Hey friends,

Join the Networking of Business Leaders, Career Coaches, Tech Experts, Lifestyle Influencers, and Campus Shapers

The largest council of highly successful individuals coming together to network, rub minds and share innovative ideas to impact the African Community and its people.

Insight Elite is an Exclusively application-cum-invitation Council where Successful Entrepreneurs, Executives, Career Coaches, Techies, and Influencers to Network, Connect and get Visibility.


Top Career Coaches, Successful Entrepreneurs, and Influencers.


Exclusively by Invitation

Exclusive Benefits for Elite members

01. Effective Networking

Finding a network of successful individuals with different specialities doesn’t always come easily. However, with Insight Elite, you can effortlessly network with other like minds.

04. Free Promotion

Aside from the fact that you can put your company name and website under your specialised profile, every article that the members of Insight Elite create will have your company name and interlink your website in your company profile.

05. Insight Insider

As a member of Insight Elite, you are automatically an Insider at Meaning you will be getting first-hand information on all our activities and have the right to make contributions and recommendations.

02. More Visibility

As an Authority, your publication should have no restrictions. As Jesus said, “what is the use do keep light under the bushel?”. Through Insight Elite, you get more visibility by featuring on our YouTube channels, publishing authoritative articles on, the Elite Digital Magazines, and Insight Newsletter.

03. Imperative Growth

There is no better place to grow your skills and knowledge except through and in the presence of other successful peer minds. This comes in handy for every member of Insight Elite.

04. Executive Profile

Having an executive profile on is as awesome as having a Wikipedia page. A simple search is enough to pop you up as an Elite and Authority in your specialized field. Plus, you can easily customize it to your taste.

Establish Authority in Your Industry – Leverage to Expand Your Tents

Insight Elite Media & Publication

Publish Valuable Content on Blog provides the perfect platform for you to build your brand, increase your Reputation, and ultimately establish authority in your business niche. Here is how;

Build Your Brand

Positioning your content as a professional insight and providing a direct link to your website increases your brand visibility credibility and business opportunities.

Expand Your Reputation

Having your valuable “cents” published on Blog will help build your reputation among thousands and millions of readership across Africa and the World.

Establish Your Authority

You can easily accentuate your authority when writing. Your Elite Signature Profile will also highlight your achievement in your industry.

Get Featured on Insight Elite Business Magazine

Be the Face Elite Digital Magazine

The Elite Monthly Virtual Magazine republish articles and other contributions of the Elite member for more readership, credibility, and engagement. Here are the catch for you;

Get Recognition & Credibility

Getting featured in Insight Elite Magazine is not easy, and your audience knows that. As a member of Insight Elite, your expert opinions will be featured in the Elite Magazine.

Synergetic Influencial

Our magazine spotlight you and your brand in an amazing way you don’t need extra introduction before people capture your message.

Be Our Magazine Cover

Dominate the front page of Insight Elite Digital Magazine and communicate message that syn with your audience.

Take Yourself to the Next Level with Insight Elite Exlusive Interview and Becoming a Guest Speaker at Insightpreneur

Exclusive Interview on Insight Elite YouTube Channel

The Insight Elite Membership covers you an Insider at We will often invite you to come and feature in our Exclusive Interview session. And also invite you to speak as a Guest Speaker at Insightpreneur webinars.

Exclusive Interview

Free Business Promotions

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Speak at Insightpreneur

Become an Insight Insider

Enjoy all your momenm

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Patricia Muller

CEO, CampusVill

“You’ve read about the impoce of the being courageous, rebelliousi and it’s imaginative. These are all vital for ingredients in an effective advertising they must.”

Winlade isreal

Erasmus Scholar

Connecting with follow campus influencers in Africa gives me joy. I am glad create this platform for Elite to network and impact others

Halimat Chisom


Insight Elite is the best place for African top entreprenuers to connect, network and rub minds together.

Let’s Build Something Together

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